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By accessing or using this website, mobile application or other www.prolabshop.com service on any computer, cell phone, tablet, console or other device, it means that you have read, understood and agreed to respect these Terms of Use and any other applicable law , whether or not you are a registered user at www.prolabshop.com. Www.prolabshop.com may change these Terms of Use at any time without notice, effective from publication on the platform. Your continued use of this platform will be considered an acceptance of the revised Terms of Use. If you do not agree with these Terms of Use, please do not use this platform.

Intellectual property

All intellectual property on the platform (except User Generated Content) is the property of Prolab Cosmetics, which includes material protected by copyright, trademarks and patent laws. All trademarks, trade names are owned and registered by Prolab Cosmetics. All content on the platform (except User Generated Content), including - but not limited to - texts, software, scripts, codes, designs, graphics, photos, sounds, music, videos and applications is under the copyright laws of the Brazil and is owned by Prolab Cosmetics. All rights reserved.

Platform Use Restrictions

You may use the content only for your personal, non-commercial use in order to participate in the platform or purchase products from www.prolabshop.com. You agree not to modify or delete any proprietary notice on the materials you download or print from the platform. You agree not to modify, copy, translate, disclose, show, distribute, reproduce, republish, download, display, post, transmit or sell any intellectual property or content available on the platform, including User Generated Content (defined below), without prior consent from Porlab Cosmetics and / or www.prolabshop.com, unless it is your own User Generated Content that you have legally published on the platform. You agree not to use any robots, data collection scripts or similar methods of data accumulation. Nothing in these Terms of Use should be construed as a transfer of any intellectual property license to you.

Purchase of Products

All purchase orders made through the platform are subject to acceptance by www.prolabshop.com. This means that www.prolabshop.com may refuse to accept or may cancel any purchase order, whether the order has been confirmed or not, for any or no reason and without any commitment to you or anyone. If your credit card has already been charged for an order that is later canceled, www.prolabshop.com will refund you.

To professional hairdressers: As a professional hairdresser you have the option to purchase professional items, therefore, assuming you have technical knowledge for the use of the products, you are responsible for their application (Colorings, Toners, Smoothing and Bleaching)

Protect Your Username and Password

You are responsible for any action that occurs while using your account at www.prolabshop.com. Keep your username and password safe and don't allow anyone but you to use your username and password to access the platform. Www.prolabshop.com is not responsible for any loss that results from unauthorized use of your username or password with or without your knowledge.

User Generated Content

User Generated Content is all material, communication, information, data, opinion, photo, profile, message, note, website link, music, video, design, graphic, sound and any other content that you and / or any other user of platform to publish or in any way make available on or through the platform, except those contents that are the property of Prolab Cosmetics and / or www.prolabshop.com


Be responsible

You are solely responsible for your published content, your interactions with other users and your activity on the platform. Do not take any action or post anything that may expose www.prolabshop.com or its users to any damage or obligation of any kind.

Be Relevant and Constructive

Stay on topic and post only constructive questions and comments. Unless the platform highlights and asks about it, don't talk about policies, future products, speculation and rumors about www.prolabshop.com, Prolab Cosmetics products or any other off topic topic.

  Be polite

Accusations and insults are prohibited. Do not post content or a link to a website that, in the view of www.prolabshop.com, is illegal, offensive, defamatory, provocative, inaccurate, malicious, fraudulent, false, indecent, threatening, intimidating, hateful, abusive, vulgar, obscene , pornographic, violent, sexually explicit, invasive of privacy, publicity, intellectual property, proprietary, offensive in a sexual, racial, cultural or ethnic context, which will threaten or impair the safety of others or which is an object of objection. Do not post photos or videos of other people without their consent. Do not pursue, intimidate, abuse, threaten or harm another user of the platform.

Be Private

Do not post personal information. Do not collect or request personal information from other users of the platform or send unsolicited emails or other communications. Do not collect, use or publish any person's private information on the platform without his or her consent or for illegal purposes.

Be Personal

Do not post any advertising or commercial content of any kind on the platform or accept payment from a third party in exchange for engaging in commercial activity on the platform. Do not post any content that involves the spreading of spam, chain letters or the mass sending of unsolicited information. Do not use automatic scripts to collect information or interact with the platform.

Be yourself

Do not impersonate another person or institution, including - without limiting yourself - employees of www.prolabshop.com. Do not present yourself with a false name or age. Do not register more than one account at www.prolabshop.com or register an account at www.prolabshop.com in the name of another person, group or institution. Do not sell or transfer your profile or account. Do not try to use someone else's account, username or password.

Be original

You are responsible for ensuring that any content you post does not infringe or infringe on anyone's rights, including copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, privacy, publicity or other personal and proprietary rights. You agree not to upload content unless you are the owner or have the permission of the owner to post such content and guarantee www.prolabshop.com the full license of rights included in these Terms of Use.

Be Legally Responsible

Do not post any content, take any action or use the platform in a way that violates any law, creates an obligation for www.prolabshop.com or promotes illegal activities. Do not take any action on the platform in order to interfere, impair, disable or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or any telecommunication equipment or the platform. Do not post content that contains software viruses, programs, or other computer code. Do not modify any platform security technology or software.

Eligibility and Registration

To be a member of the www.prolabshop.com platform, you will be asked to create a register. You agree to provide current and correct information about you in all forms on the platform.

Mobile Services

The platform contains services and features that are available for certain mobile devices. Your carrier's normal rates and costs apply. Not all mobile services will work with all operators or devices. By using the services of www.prolabshop.com you agree that we can communicate with you via your mobile device and that certain information about your use of these services may be shared with us. If you change or disable your mobile number, you must promptly update your account information to ensure that we do not send messages to someone else.


Our Privacy Policy, which is part of these Terms of Use, describes the collection and use of information on this platform.

Account Closure

www.prolabshop.com reserves the right to close your account, delete your profile and any content that you have posted for any reason, without notice and without recourse to you or anyone else. Www.prolabshop.com also reserves the right to block users from certain IP addresses and device numbers and prevent their access to the platform. You understand and agree that some of your generated content, such as that which is displayed outside your profile, in activity feeds, in other parts of the platform or on other platforms (for example: Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.) may continue to appear on the platform or other platforms even after your content has been removed or your account has been closed. These Terms of Use remain valid even after your account has been closed.